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Deliver a Better Online Learning Experience [Infographic]

Posted by Brittany Gunter on Jun 22, 2015 4:33:00 PM

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We've recently partnered with IMPART! Curriculum Design and Delivery to learn their groundbreaking learning theories and incorporate them into our own webinar program. Through working with Dan Streeter, founder of IMPART!, we knew we were on to something special: a new way to deliver online learning experiences that resonates with participants and changes behavior.

An online learning experience can be many things, it can be a webinar, eLearning live course or on-demand, sales demo, interview, online collaborative meeting, etc. the list is endless. If you are meeting online with another person(s), there is a better way to accomplish your goals and for learning to take place.

Dan developed an entirely new learning paradigm, designed to use emotion and experience to create a powerful learning experience that produces the desired change or outcome resulting from the session. In the infographic below, you'll learn about this new learning paradigm and how to implement for your own learning experiences. 

Want to learn more? Experience this new learning paradigm for yourself by watching the recording of the past webinar "4 Simple Steps to Creating Online Learning Experiences that Produce Results". Dan will teach you about using this new way of learning AND show you how to take this new learning paradigm and incorporate into your own online efforts. And you can download Dan's Powerpoint presentation HERE!

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