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Drive Collaboration with Adobe Connect Breakout Rooms

Posted by Brittany Gunter on Jun 3, 2015 10:39:03 AM

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What is a breakout room?

Breakout rooms are multiple sub-rooms within an Adobe Connect meeting where a host can assign participants to select rooms. Breakout rooms are useful when splitting up a large group into segmented smaller groups, helping to drive discussion and brainstorming to achieve the goal or objective of the online session. 

Examples of why you would use a breakout room: Interviews, focus groups, discussion topics, workshop training, and group projects. 



Here is a great example: If a host is managing a 20 person meeting, which includes 4 separate departments within the company (such as Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Accounting), the host can create a breakout room for each department so that each can collaborate and communicate within their team. After a set amount of time, participants will come back to the central meeting and share what they discussed as a team. Breakout rooms can have over 200 participants, and an administrator or meeting host can create up to 20 separate breakout rooms for a single meeting or training session.

Watch our video tutorial on how to use breakout rooms in Adobe Connect!   

Breakout Room Tutorial Video

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