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Create an Interactive Online Experience with Adobe Connect

Posted by Brittany Gunter on May 28, 2015 1:58:02 PM

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 Blog_Adobe-Connect-title-ImageEveryone knows that web conferencing is used for screen sharing - but wouldn't it be great to have a more interactive online experience with people in your company and beyond and located around the world? Adobe Connect is a powerful tool that we are proud to provide and also use ourselves for our marketing and online training webinars to reach those near and far. 

Take a look at our recent Adobe Connect series that covers how to put together powerful layouts, create registered events and brand your Adobe Connect for a unique participant experience. Each topic has a webinar recording and a takeaway document that supplements the content discussed during our fast-paced 30-minute webinars. Review each module below and you'll be sure to impress participants during your next team meeting, sales demo, marketing webinar or training session with your newfound Adobe Connect skills. 






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