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Our Guide to Running Effective Online Meetings

Posted by Brittany Gunter on Oct 17, 2014 12:50:00 PM

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Online business meetings, eLearning classes and webinars using audio and web conferencing tools are typical in today's world. Having the the ability to connect at any time to do business across the globe is a necessity for many workers.  But managers are having a tough time keeping their audience engaged, as the old rules for managing an online meeting don't always apply when you have remote employees. Managers are now having to learn new tactics for keeping people engaged throughout a web meeting and figuring out how to use web conferencing tools effectively. Follow the following tips to ensure your next online meeting is engaging and the hours your employees spend in meetings are effective! 



General Tips for Running an Effective Online Meeting:

  • Identity the specific problem you are solving by having this meeting and do it in a single, concise sentence.
  • Ensure that your leader is an expert at running meetings or else define the leadership role precisely and pass the baton regularly.
  • End the meeting with clarity and purpose.

You've identified the purpose of your meeting and selected your leader, but we still need to keep your audience engaged! The best way to accomplish this is through maximizing human connection. In this day and age, audio and web conferencing tools have the features required to pull people closer together. Using video in meetings is key to bridging the gap, particularly since over 55% of communication is visual. Next time you have a web meeting, try using video. I'll bet you are at least 60% more focused during the meeting!  

Even so, there are some do's and dont's when using audio and video.


  • Get your team on video if you have fewer than 10 participants in a meeting and everyone is expected to contribute
  • Use an Audio Bridge
  • Perfect your camera presence
  • Give remote employees their own seats at the table


  • Don't waste bandwidth
  • Don't go hybrid


For more information on our general tips, these do's and dont's for maximized human connection and using your web conferencing features, download our Whitepaper!



Our guide on running effective online meetings doesn't stop here, be sure to download our whitepaper for more in depth information and tips! 


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