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Adobe Connect Receives Top Scores in Gartner’s 2015 Critical Capabilities for Web Conferencing Report

Posted by Brittany Gunter on Apr 21, 2015 11:26:00 AM

As an Adobe Gold Partner, MeetingOne is pleased to announce that Gartner recently released their Critical Capabilities for Web Conferencing 2015 report, and listed Adobe Connect as a top vendor!

Gartner report highlights on Adobe Connect: 

  • As a premium offering that is well-suited to buyers that want a high degree of flexibility for deployment — from on-premises to managed services in the cloud.
  • Uses a strong ecosystem of channel partners that augment the service for everything from audio conferencing to global content delivery networks.
  • Has an extensive collection of "pods" or modules to enhance the platform, and this, combined with its rich set of APIs, makes it one of the strongest possible offerings for enterprises interested in a high degree of customization.
  • Adobe uses other parts of its portfolio, including Adobe Analytics and Adobe Experience Manager, to make Adobe Connect more capable for tracking participant engagement.


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Sending the "Follow Up" After a Webinar

Posted by Brittany Gunter on Apr 7, 2015 9:44:58 AM

You've nailed your webinar invite [read this blog first!], had great attendance, now what?

NOW you send your webinar registrants a follow up thank you email (your follow up email may differ for those who just registered vs. those who actually attended). 

You don't want to lose momentum on nurturing your leads, or missing out on valuable opportunities while you still have their attention, registrants expect a follow up, give them a great one! The purpose of this follow-up is to move your leads along the next phase of the buyer's journey. And the goal is to keep your contacts interacting and engaging with your company! 

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Nailing the Webinar Invite to Drive Attendance [SlideShare]

Posted by Brittany Gunter on Mar 25, 2015 10:49:00 AM

 You've put together a webinar you know people would flip over (at least that's the hope!). 

Don't waste your efforts by slacking on the invite!
Webinars are primarily used by organizations looking to distinguish their brand, connect with new people and share their expertise and passion. The trickiest part of hosting a webinar is getting people to register and attend!  Email inboxes nowadays are flooded with webinar invitations, so proving your webinar's worth is tougher than ever before (particularly in a subject line of 50 characters or less!). Nailing the webinar invite is just as important as putting together an interesting and useful webinar program. 

A successful webinar invite doesn't take much... just 5 things! Learn what those are with our latest SlideShare!





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Fight Digital Distractions During Online Meetings, Trainings & Webinars [Infographic]

Posted by Brittany Gunter on Mar 17, 2015 12:49:00 PM

Do you find yourself logging into online events, such as team meetings, training sessions or marketing webinars and becoming so distracted with email, social media or your latest project that you find yourself no longer paying attention?

If this happens to you, you probably think to yourself after the session has ended that you just wasted your time because you weren't able to take away something useful.

Sure, sometimes you lose focus because the speaker is just dreadful, or the meeting topic really doesn't apply to you.  But for those times that you know your presence is required or you're hoping to take away something useful, it's up to you to empower yourself to take the necessary steps to set yourself up for success.  

Take a look at our infographic to learn the six best to-do's before signing on to your upcoming online meetings, trainings and webinars to get the most out of your sessions!

For more methods on fighting distraction, watch MeetingOne's recording of -
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Audio & Web Conferencing Services Free for the Next 30 Days to US Businesses Affected by Snowstorms

Posted by Brittany Gunter on Feb 26, 2015 1:19:00 PM

 With snowstorms all across the United States, getting to the office has proven to be difficult and treacherous. With the roads becoming unmanageable, employees are working from home to wait out the storm.  Breakdowns in communication with clients and co-workers will become challenging for many, along with delays in work productivity. 

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Have Too Many *&%^& Meetings? [SlideShare]

Posted by Brittany Gunter on Feb 17, 2015 2:18:00 PM


In my experience, the typical office worker has between 2-6 meetings a day. I personally have around 4 and facilitate about half of these.

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6 Quick Tips to Dazzle during your next Webinar

Posted by Brittany Gunter on Jan 16, 2015 11:01:00 AM

Did you know that a webinar is short for Web-based seminar?  A Webinar is a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar that is transmitted over the web using a web conferencing platform. The key feature of a Webinar is its interactive elements -- or the ability to give, receive, and discuss information.

Way too many businesses call their online events a webinar, when in reality it's a Webcast!  A webcast is when data is transmitted one way and does not allow interaction between the presenter and the audience. Generally, if you attend an online presentation where the host/speaker just, well... speaks at you-- you're at a webcast.   

Webinars are a great way to generate awareness around your product, company, idea, event, build relationships with prospects or existing clients and generate new leads through engagement.  Webcasts are a great way to bore your audience because you are not interacting with the very people you are trying to sell or retain!

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3 Easy Tricks for Lookin' Good on Webcam!

Posted by Brittany Gunter on Dec 1, 2014 2:54:00 PM

Web Conferences are all the rage now-a-days.  As everyone knows, the ultimate benefit of a webcam is connecting face-to-face with anyone, anywhere.  If you're like myself, you're on a web conference at least once a day and are expected to share your face.  I was tired of looking like a scary monster, so I researched and put together the below 3 easy tricks for lookin' good on a webcam, anytime, anywhere!

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Top 5 Audio Conferencing Faux Pas You Should Avoid!

Posted by Brittany Gunter on Nov 14, 2014 12:10:25 PM

Audio conferencing has been around for sometime now. Almost everyone who has worked in an office environment has used it and many people use it multiple times a day. Typically, when you jump on your first conference call you don't receive an email of do's and don'ts or Google "best practices", you just dial the conference number, enter the access code and then awkwardly wait for everyone else to join and start the call.

Have you ever seen the popular YouTube Video, Conference call in real life?  Check it out, it is hysterical and sadly, pretty accurate. 

Conference calls are best utilized when you need to meet with a small group of people who work remotely and need to discuss a specific agenda.  Take note on our top five audio conferencing faux pas you should avoid to ensure you don't embarrass yourself on your next conference call! Or at least some takeaway tips for being your best self over the conference line.  

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3 Signs Your Small Business Should Invest in Web Conferencing

Posted by Brittany Gunter on Nov 7, 2014 11:59:00 AM

Small businesses are branching out. According to research from Software Advice, an online resource for VoIP and telecom software buyers, small businesses have recently begun this shift towards web conferencing. Not only can small businesses utilize conferencing solutions to enhance internal communications, it is also useful for managing client communications. And with powerful and collaborative conferencing tools available for brainstorming, managing projects and setting up shop just about anywhere, the office environment isn't as rigid as it used to be.

Software Advice surveyed 389 employees who use web conferencing and conference calls at work about their conferencing preferences and then they turned to telecommunications experts to help interpret findings. From these findings we have come up with the top three signs your small business should start investing in conferencing tools to stay ahead of the competition.  

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