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The Case for Reliability: Traditional Telephony vs. VoIP

Posted by Brittany Gunter on Jul 2, 2015 9:17:00 AM

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Many businesses are now asking themselves if they should make the switch from traditional Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTNs) for cheaper Voice Over IP (VoIP) alternatives. When considering a switch, you need to consider what the priorities are for your audio conferencing service and what the impact of changing to an internet based service could mean.  

Traditional telephony has come a long way and is known for built-in reliability and security. Many enterprises are opting to stick with this traditional service to ensure a connection is always available. Just because something is old, doesn't mean it's spoiled and time to throw out. 

There are cases where VoIP can be a useful service when used with web conferencing platforms, such as webinars or online events where participants are not expected to contribute vocally. VoIP is a good alternative since attendees will just need to turn on their speakers to listen. Also, companies must consider their audience, we call this audio conferencing etiquette. Most participants will be able to turn on their speakers to listen, but if participants are required to talk, they may not have the proper gear for such calls. 

 The case for reliability with PSTN & VoIP:

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Having a reliable conference call is a basic need in every company. See for yourself how MeetingOne's Audio Conferencing is not only the best on the market, but also the most advanced.


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