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Work From Home? 13 Tools for Greater Organization, Management & Communication

Posted by Brittany Gunter on Apr 28, 2015 10:11:00 AM

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Being in the conferencing industry, I know many people who have the ability to work anywhere and everywhere (including myself!). As long as WiFi is available, it is easily manageable to complete everyday tasks. But an internet connection doesn't necessarily mean we get our work done efficiently or at all. Sometimes being disconnected from the team is a huge hindrance, and when you need to collaborate to move a project forward, communicating remotely can get messy without the proper process and tools in place.  

To help make it easier for those who have flexible work schedules, there are many new tools that help get the job done. Take a look at the below 13 tools for greater organization, management & communication that we've compiled based on the discussion boards for those who work from home! 

Use these tools to stay organized:

1) Google Drive 

Google Drive is free, stores and organizes all of your stuff, and you can work on the same document with multiple people at the same time. It also helps that pretty much everyone knows about it at this point!

2) Dropbox 

Sharing large files doesn’t happen over email, which is where Dropbox comes in. It’s also a great tool for organizing consultant work and large projects. 

Use these tools to stay on task:

3) Asana 

Asana lets you create and delegate tasks, organize tasks into shared projects, chat within each task so conversations stay organized, and add attachments from Dropbox and Google Drive. It also has calendar features, dashboards for projects, and your very own to-do list.

4) Assembla 

Assembla is great for project management with web developers, though it could work for project management for just about any type of freelancing. It tracks tickets, time, and produces reports, simplifies product releases and bug fixing, and says it's “easier to set up than Jira.”

5) Basecamp 

Use this project management software to help you arrange your calendars, set meeting schedules, track assignments, and store documents and receive daily email recaps.

6) Taskworld 

Taskworld’s sweet spot is managing projects and keeping track of tasks and sub tasks. Its evaluation feature lets you measure and give feedback on job performance, setting it apart from other similar project management programs.

7) Trello 

A very simple tool for making notes on what needs done and who should do it. It’s like a team post-it-note board.

8) Wunderlist 

Essentially a personal to-do list for your phone, Wunderlist is also used to keep track of client work.

Use these tools to stay connected:

9) Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is an easy to use, plug-in & download free program. Screen sharing, participant engagement and file sharing is just a couple of reasons this is the go-to web conferencing platform on the market. 

10) AudioOne

AudioOne integrates with Adobe Connect for seamless audio conferencing and you can use AudioOne for standalone audio calls with your team. 

Use these tools to manage your team:

11) GitHub Wiki 

Companies use GitHub Wiki for employee on-boarding by organizing helpful resources for new employees. 

12) Harvest 

Use to track time and expenses, this is a simple easy to use tool.

13) iDoneThis 

iDoneThis sends a “digest” of what everyone did as a team and individual. 

Remote working can be a privilege, but missing out on all the real life benefits of having an office to go to can really hurt the productivity of many workers. Take a look at these tools, and see if they can enhance the efficiency of your daily work routine at home.

What are some of your favorite tools? Share with us below!


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