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Like Apples & Oranges

Comparing the Top Virtual Classroom Software

Are all virtual classroom platforms equal? They can all be used to connect, communicate, and collaborate virtually - but that doesn’t make them equal, and makes selecting the right one for online learning challenging.

It’s definitely NOT a case of one size fits all! But how do you know which virtual classroom software has the feature set that are best for your goals? It's time to get an expert's collective comparison on the top virtual classroom software to help pin-point exactly what you need to deliver effective online learning! In this webinar recording, you'll hear virtual expert, David Smith, as he shares how different the top virtual classroom platforms are.


In this on-demand webinar, David will share how to:

• Assess the leading platforms’ most useful functions and features.

• Identify the critical elements every platform must have for a great user experience.

• Appreciate the nuances and differences that can compromise virtual experiences.

• Understand how user expectations should factor into session design and creation.

• Develop more engaging virtual sessions, regardless of platform.

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