Invest & save on conference calling with pre-paid minute packages.

With pre-paid minutes often costing half of pay-per-use, bundling your conferencing minutes now can save your organization thousands of dollars over the next fiscal year. 

Why should you consider pre-paid packages?


Immediate Application of Investment

Conference calling can lay a solid foundation for internal and external communications for your entity.  These minutes can be used immediately, or allocated for later use throughout your department.


It’s a Simple & Fast Transaction

Only one signature is required; product setup can be completed in minutes online; and invoices can quickly be served via email. 


Enjoy Budgetary Relief for the Future

By investing now, you can merit future fund requests and accurately plan for and depict budget requirements in coming years. 


Easily Integrate with Adobe Connect

You can use your MeetingOne minutes with Adobe Connect for collaborative virtual meetings, webinars, online training, and more!

















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